Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Diagnosis of hydrocele is performed by physical examination by a doctor. If the hydrocele is present, the scrotum would look swollen and would be painless. The doctor won't be able to identify your testicle well because of the fluid in the sac.

During the exam, the doctor might check for tenderness and might shine a light through the scrotum to determine if there is any fluid in the scrotum. If the fluid is present, the scrotum would light up.

He might ask for a blood or urine sample to test for infection. Often the doctor might suggest an ultrasound to check for tumors, hernias, etc.

1.Overview: The surgeon makes a small surgical cut around 1-2 cm in the fold of the groin and then drains the fluid. The sac (hydrocele) holding the fluid is removed and the muscle wall is strengthened with stitches.


  • Procedure Type: OPEN Surgery
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: 0-1 day
  • Procedure time: About 30 minutes
  • Recovery Time: 4-7 days (a few weeks for complete healing)

3.Post-Surgical Care: 

  • Apply cold packs for 10-15 minutes for the first few days
  • You can shower if the bandaged area is covered, but you cannot take baths, swim or sit in hot tub until the healing completes
  • Do not lift heavy weights, avoid vigorous exercise, do not drive
  • It is advised to not have sexual intercourse for up to 6 weeks
  • Keep taking the prescribed medication as told by the doctor

4.Advantages of this Procedure: You can go home the same day.

If the hydrocele causes no symptoms, one option is simply to leave it alone. You can use support to be more comfortable. If it becomes larger or troublesome, you can always go for surgical treatment. The surgical treatment for Hydrocele is called Hydrocelectomy.


Surgical drainage of the fluid inside the sac is done by the means of Hydrocelectomy. The surgery is done under spinal or local anesthesia. A small incision of approx. 1-2 cm is made in the groin region or on the scrotum and the fluid is drained from around the testis. If there is a communication to the canal between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum, then it is sealed. The wound is closed with surgical sutures.

Post-operative care

Some patients will go home with a small drain coming out of the surgical site to help remove any fluids from the tissue. The doctor usually will remove it in a day or two. Apart from this, the patient is advised to rest for a week, avoid heavy strenuous activity, keep the wound area clean and dry at all times, regular follow-ups, and recovery medicines as prescribed by the treating doctor.

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