Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Open Hernia Surgery is a surgical procedure to cure your Hernia. In this procedure, a single long cut is made on your groin, and a hernia is treated.

Hernia surgery is of two types.

  • ​Laparoscopic Hernia surgery: This is minimally invasive and has minimal pain. This procedure is recommended when the person has increased risk with anesthesia.
  • Open Hernia Surgery: This procedure requires a long cut on your groin. This surgery usually needs 2-3 weeks of bed rest after the surgery.

Open hernia repair surgery is carried out under local anesthesia or regional anesthesia. The patient is awake throughout the procedure, but the area to be operated, under anesthesia does not experience pain. 

Certain hernia repairs are also done under general anesthesia. The patient is asleep during the entire procedure. 

The surgeon decides the type of anesthetization depending on the hernia, its size, location, and the expected complexity of the surgery predicted while planning the surgery from the diagnoses.

After the anesthesia has taken its effect, the surgeon makes a single 6-8cm long incision (cut) over the location of the hernia. 

The surgeon then repositions the lump, which could be fatty tissue or the bowel loop back into the cavity of the abdomen. 

The weakened muscle spot of the abdominal wall is then strengthened with a surgical mesh to hold the wall in place and ensure the tissue remains in its position until the wall strengthens. 

Once the repair is complete, the surgeon stitches the incision made. The stitches used are of a material, which dissolves over the course of a few days. 

In the case of strangulated hernias, the protruding loop of the bowel cannot be pushed back into position.

This impacted loop of the bowel is then removed and the two ends of the healthy bowels are sutured back together before the final suturing of the incision. This type of surgery is more complex and needs longer hospitalization, lasting up to a week.

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