Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Advanced, minimally invasive treatments at affordable costs only at Medfin.

Anal fissures can be discomforting for an individual, and he/she may experience various anal fissure symptoms like bleeding/rupture of anal tissues, excruciating pain, etc. Let MedFin experts ease your pain by suggesting the best anal fissure medicines and surgical methods to minimize your discomfort.

Our doctors are available 24x7 at your nearest Medfin clinic to help cure any anal fissure symptoms. With years of experience backed with modern equipment and knowledge catering to the latest advances, you can ensure your health under the care of our experts.

Book an appointment to see one of our experts or avail our online consultation. We also provide pick up and drop facilities so that you never miss an appointment with our doctors. You can also be assured of pre, during and post treatment care till your life goes back to normalcy.

Find the solution to all your anal fissure queries here at MedFin. The page collates all the top questions around the topic, and the answers written by MedFin experts help you learn everything about the disease.

Check out our compilation of best anal fissure videos here and see for yourself how MedFin experts perform the laser treatment for anal fissures before you book your appointment.

Check out our video below to understand everything about anal fissures treatment, ways to manage them, and primary factors that cause anal fissures in the first place. Get a real-time experience of how MedFin experts perform lateral internal sphincterotomy or other surgeries with the aim to speed up your recovery and provide you the best possible post-treatment care and medications.

Stop struggling with anal fissures today! Connect with MedFin experts now and let us help you throughout the process.

1. Overview: The surgeon uses laser to create an incision to relax the tight anal sphincter muscles. This heals the fissure and leaves a small scar.

2. Snapshots:

  • Procedure Type: LASER Surgery
  • Anesthesia: General/Spinal
  • Hospitalization: 0-1 day
  • Procedure time: 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • Recovery Time: 3-4 days

3. Post-Surgical Care

  • Use stool softeners as suggested by doctor
  • Change diet to a high-fiber one
  • Take sitz bath, apply creams, take painkillers are prescribed and keep the anal area free
  • You can get back to normal activities very soon.

4. Advantages of this Procedure: The procedure is minimally invasive and allows same-day discharge.  It causes minimal post-surgical pain, allows quick recovery and causes low chances of blood loss.

If you’re wondering the best ways to treat anal fissures, the first step is to detect and look out for anal fissure symptoms. The common signs include:

  • ​Mild or excess pain at all times during bowel movements
  • The pain can linger even after passing stools. This can prolong for long hours
  • Blood accompanied with stool almost every time, with a little burning sensation or pain
  • Crack or patches around the anus
  • Formation of a lump on the skin related to the anal fissure

Once you start noticing blood around your anus or stool, you need to consult a healthcare professional to help you with the anal fissure medication. You can book an appointment at the earliest from MedFin by taking a prior consultation or opt for a video consultation to show your symptoms to the doctor face-to-face.

If you’re wondering how to heal fissures on the anus? MedFin experts do it by recommending you anal fissure surgery or medications depending on the cause of the symptoms. The most common causes for anal fissures are:

  • ​Childbirth
  • Intercourse in the anal
  • Regular constipation or difficulty passing stools
  • Large stools passed too often through the anus
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • HIV
  • Syphilis or anal cancer
  • Tuberculosis

Having understood the primary causes of anal fissures, let’s dive into the next segments to learn - how are fissures treated and if there are any risks associated with the process.

Before your doctor suggests any medicines or surgery, he or she will speculate your medical history and even do a gentle inspection of the anal area. If you are wondering how to heal anus fissure, your doctor will keep on guiding you before, during, and after the procedure to ensure that you feel minimal discomfort.

If the tear is mild or fresh, it might be an acute anal fissure. Chronic anal fissures are usually deeper and can accompany fleshy growths. It also depends on the duration of the persistence of the fissures. If it goes beyond 8 weeks, then surgery is highly recommended.

Your doctor might also give you a couple of tests if he or she feels that the anal fissure is caused due to an underlying medical condition. The common tests include:

  • Anoscopy: Through a tube inserted in your anus, your doctor will be able to take real-time images of the area to understand what is causing the fissures.
  • Colonoscopy: Your doctor will attempt to check your colon by inserting a thin tube in your rectum. This is usually done for those above 50 years of age to detect symptoms of cancer.
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy: This test is done for people under the age of 50 and replicates the detection process of a colonoscopy

Based on your test results, your doctor will recommend you to undertake medications like - nitroglycerin (Rectiv) or anesthetic creams that can be applied topically. They can also recommend you specific anal fissure medicines to control blood pressure.

If it is more intense, he or she might recommend you to undertake laser treatment for anal fissures as it helps closing the cracked opening and heal the affected region. Before finalizing on any treatment option, you must have a heart-to-heart talk with your doctor to learn about the:

  • ​Average anal fissure surgery cost
  • What is the best treatment for fissures?
  • Steps you must take to expedite your anal fissure surgery recovery process
  • How long does it take to recover from fissure surgery?

and any other queries that you may have.

Once you have got the answer to all your queries, ponder on the information you have, analyze the cost carefully, and then consult your expert to learn which treatment option will suit you best.

At MedFin, we provide you different treatment options depending on the type of anal fissure that troubles you. In this segment, we take you through the step-by-step process of how MedFin experts perform laser treatment for anal fissures.

Pre-requisites before surgery:
  • ​You must go through a rectal exam (during the diagnosis stage to locate the fissure)
  • Do fasting and avoid drinking water at least 6-hours before surgery
  • You may undertake a bowel prep to clean your system with any excreta present. We usually perform it by giving laxatives or enemas
During the treatment:
  • ​The surgeon inserts a laser into the natural opening of your anus and moves it to the location of the fissure
  • To loosen the sphincter muscles, the doctor makes an incision in the anal muscles using a laser
  • The fissure scar heals during this tenure, thus curing you
  • Use the stool softeners consistently as prescribed by the doctor
  • Focus on your diet and convert it into a fiber-rich diet
  • Keep your anal area clean at all times. In case the patient is a baby, we encourage changing their diapers regularly
  • You can start with your regular life immediately as it doesn’t require hospitalization

If you want to understand how long it takes to recover from anal fissure surgery, you might be happy to know that it takes just a few weeks before you can have your life back to normal. You need to intake a lot of fiber and fluids to naturally cool your anal region. This allows your stools to pass through normally.The anal fissure surgery is one of the most effective methods which has been deemed more beneficial than medicines as well. There are no risks during or post-surgery, however, you must take care of the liquid intake and ensure that there are no external or internal pressures caused to that area.

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